Registration Form

By completing and submitting the form below, you consent to the following:

I, athlete/ parent received, read and understand all information, including the forms contained in the packet.  I/We understand the team has NO tolerance for disrespect of any kind to coach, parent, team member or track & field meet staff.  I/We understand that this is the only warning that the runner will receive.  If disrespect occurs the runner will be asked to leave the team and not to return.

I/We understand that if I/we have any questions or concerns about my/our runner I/we will address this matter with the coach in private.  I/We understand that my/our child will not be registered in any events until all fees are paid in full. Fees are non-refundable. I/We understand that if the athlete is a no show to a meet, the parents will reimburse the Club for those fees.

 I/We understand that if my/our child advances to the championship regionals, nationals etc. that I/we may incur additional expenses for these meets.  I/We understand that Child Protective Services will be contacted if I do not pick-up my child within 30 minutes after practice ends or within 30 minutes of arrival at the pick-up point after a meet.